She was called the best female poker player in the planet, and lots of folks believe her among their greatest players round, irrespective of sex.

She had been educated the rules by her own mum and she could sit in if her daddy played with his pals.

Jennifer was affected with kidney issues as a young child, finally requiring her to experience an live-saving kidney transplant bandar qq Luckily, she managed to get during the operation and undergone the complete recovery. But this healthcare problem could go back to jolt Jennifer after in life.

Upon graduating from senior high school, Jennifer chose work as a cocktail waitress in an internet match. This enabled her to function as next to the overall game of poker, plus that she practiced at every possibility. She registered in the University of Nevada and majored in Biology, with her winnings to help cover her manner.
After graduation, Jennifer made a decision to pursue poker fulltime as opposed to moving to her field of analysis.

This caused anxiety within her private life, along with also her dad disowned her. Luckily, she was finally able to convince him she would earn an appropriate income playing with the match she adored, and also the 2 reconciled later years of little to no touch.

What made the win even more notable was that she’d never played with the match before her entrance in to the championship.

Back in 2002, she also won her next bracelet at the 5K Limit HoldCeltics occasion, which makes her the only woman to put on 2 bracelets at the WSOP open events (significance events available to men and women). She ranks third in the women’s alltime currency list and it has 1 9 money endings at the WSOP.

Back in 2004, Jennifer took off a year from poker after knowing that she’d require still another kidney transplant. Her niece given a kidney that was healthy, also Jennifer yet more managed to get during the operation.
She’s also a writer, having written the Limit Holdmatch chapter for Doyle Brunson’s SuperSystem II, believed by many to be the bible of this poker environment.

Jennifer is quite enthused about the field of organ donation, using recently found CODA (Creating Organ Donor Awareness), an organization specialized in raising money and awareness.

She’s married to stylist Marco Traniello, and also the couple possesses four dogs.

If Harman isn’t on the championship circuit, she’s seen playing HighStakes income games at the Bellagio Casino, running her trampoline, using her own dogs hanging out with her pals.