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Criss Cross Poker – Dua Cara Menang Dengan Satu Tangan


Bagaimana Criss Cross Poker Dimainkan

Yang unik dari Criss Cross Poker adalah ada dua cara untuk menang dengan satu tangan. Tujuan dari permainan meja poker ini adalah untuk mendapatkan lima kartu poker pemenang yang membayar sesuai dengan tabel pembayaran peringkat poker. Dealer tidak bermain. Dek kartu 52 standar digunakan.  di https://www.pokerduit.com/ Sebelum permainan dimulai, pemain harus terlebih dahulu membuat dua taruhan ante dengan ukuran yang sama, satu di lingkaran taruhan seberang dan satu di lingkaran taruhan bawah . Taruhan bonus 5 kartu opsional juga tersedia yang membayar sesuai dengan total peringkat poker di tangan komunitas 5 kartu.

Dealer memberi setiap pemain dua kartu hole tertutup dan menempatkan lima kartu komunitas tertutup dalam pola silang. Tiga horizontal dan tiga vertikal. Berdasarkan nilai kartu hole pemain, tindakan berikut terjadi:

Pemain dapat membuat taruhan seberang dari 1X hingga 3X taruhan atau melipat tangan.

Dealer memperlihatkan dua kartu luar pada baris horizontal salib.

Pemain dapat membuat taruhan turun dari 1X hingga 3X taruhan atau melipat tangan.

Dealer kemudian mengekspos dua kartu luar pada kolom vertikal.

Pemain kemudian harus membuat taruhan tengah dari 1X hingga 3X lipat taruhannya.

Setelah kartu tengah terbuka, para pemain menggunakan kartu hole mereka untuk membuat dua lima kartu poker, satu di seberang dan satu di bawah. Taruhan tengah dibayar sesuai dengan peringkat tangan seberang dan bawah menurut tabel pembayaran berikut:

Memenangkan meja Bayar

Royal Flush – 500/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full House – 12/1

Siram – 8/1

Lurus – 5/1

Three of a Kind – 3/1

Dua Pasang – 2/1

Pasangan Tinggi (JA) – 1/1

Pasangan Rendah (6-10) – Dorong

Semua Lainnya – Rugi

Tabel Pembayaran Bonus Opsional

Royal Flush – 250/1

Straight Flush – 100/1

Four of a Kind – 40/1

Full House – 15/1

Siram – 10/1

Lurus – 6/1

Three of a Kind – 4/1

Dua Pasang – 3/1

Sepasang 6 atau Lebih – 1/1

Semua Lainnya – Rugi

Strategi dan House Edge

Berikut adalah strategi yang direkomendasikan:

Di Taruhan

Lipat jika kartu hole Anda tidak cocok, tidak berpasangan, dan kartu tertinggi adalah 2-5. Jika Anda memiliki Jack-Queen yang cocok atau sepasang, buat kenaikan 3X. Dengan semua kartu lainnya, buat taruhan 1X.

Taruhan Bawah – Hal yang sama berlaku untuk tangan bawah. Anda telah melihat dua kartu di seluruh yang dapat membantu Anda dengan opsi taruhan Anda.

Taruhan Tengah – Anda sekarang telah melihat kartu komunitas dari dek. Jika Anda membuat setidaknya satu taruhan 3X, jangan dilipat.

Tepi rumah dihitung sekitar 4,3%, dan 3,5% untuk taruhan bonus opsional.

Semoga berhasil!

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Poker Tips- 4 Fundamental Poker Tips for Successful Poker Play – Part I

Poker is a game of many things. You must be incredibly patient, extremely observant and have a halfway decent head on your shoulders for numbers and odds to be successful. There are hundreds of great poker tips out there designed to help you become a better poker player.

From those hundreds, here are a few of the most important poker tips around, the ones that every good player should keep in mind at all times to properly play the game. These are winning poker fundamentals agen judi poker


I mentioned patience above. But, it is truly the most important aspect of the game. You cannot play every hand dealt your way. If you watch a poker tournament you’ll see the early bits of the game often consist of only one or two players holding their cards, while everyone else folds.

A good poker player will only play a small percentage of their cards. If you cannot abide folding over 75% of your hands, texas holdem poker might not be the ideal game for you.


Of any poker tips you might read, this is easily the most misunderstood. Once again, keep patience in mind before becoming aggressive. You should (almost) never be aggressive with a hand that you cannot win.

Assuming you are patient though and finally do receive that pair of aces, play it aggressively and knock out anyone who doesn’t deserve to be in. A common mistake made is to wait on a good hand and milk the weaker players into betting more. This is all fine and dandy until one of them draws a better card on the final turn.

Make them pay to stay in with you. All the while, make sure to keep track of the chances you have as well. If you have a pair of 9s dealt to you with a full table, don’t bet aggressively right away as the odds are good someone might receive a better pair on the flop.

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How to Get More Visitors to Your Poker Website

Getting online traffic to a poker site is a challenging feat. There are many barriers that you’ll need to over-come when deciding to create a poker site. Below is a summary of some of those obstacles:

Many sites do not offer gambling related advertising
Competition is stiff. Because Poker Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, many sites pop-up all the time. There are also very big, well established sites that have dominant positions on Organic listings.
Many people researching online poker likely already have an online poker account where they already play
It is difficult to establish yourself as an authority on Poker if you do not have a sponsorship deal or have facetime on TV Agen Poker.

With all that in mind – what are some ways you can drive traffic to your poker website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make sure that all your pages are optimized for Google & other search engines. This includes writing descriptive titles for your posts and ensuring the keywords in the content of that post are relevant to the title.
Social Networking & Bookmarking – Participate in social networks (such as Twitter or Facebook) and make connections with people who share poker as an interest, hobby or even career. People are more likely to visit your site on a daily basis if you first establish a connection with them. You’ll also want to create and find poker content that is good enough to share with your social networks. You can do this by creating social bookmarks on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.
Offline Marketing – If you’re a poker player, there is a good chance you spend a lot of time in Casinos. This can be one of the best opportunities to gain readership. In general, you will find a lot of new players / amateurs at the casino’s playing poker who are great targets for new sign-ups to your affiliate links. At the table, discuss rakeback deals and the benefits of online poker to your opponents. At the end of the session, leave your contact details (business card, twitter account etc) with any opponents who were interested.
Poker Blogging – If your site is not a blog, creating one can be a great way to grab visitors from organic searches. Blogs serve as a great way to catch visitors who have typed in long keyphrases into their searches. The steady stream of new content also lets search engines know that your site is updated frequenty.
Article Syndication – Writing poker articles for websites such as EzineArticles or GoArticles will help you build your backlinks and scoop up visitors. Be sure to write articles with keywords that are related to your site.
Directory Submissions – While becoming a less popular method of driving traffic, some directories still hold some weight (dmoz.org, Yahoo come to mind). Good directories can boost your PageRank and build backlinks.

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Poker Tournament Strategy


Poker is a wonderful and exciting game that you can play at most of the internet casinos and conventional casinos worldwide. There are many different types of poker which you will be able to playwith. Once you learn the basic poker rules, every one of those poker types may ask that you learn the different rules for every particular poker variation. Your next step would be participating in several poker tournaments, both offline and online. There are tournaments played for each poker match type and that means that you should master the skills in 1 game variation before you go on to the following. The most typical and most interesting may be that the texas hold em poker uang asli tournaments.

Within this article we will look in the three championship phases that are related to different game types: beginning stage, centre stage and last stage. Before you take part in the tournament you will need to choose the type of the tournament. It’s possible to participate in such tournaments as tournaments that are scheduled, Sit N Go tournaments, freeroll tournaments, re-buy tournaments, guaranteed tournaments, satellite tournaments, shoot out tournaments and freezeout types. Every one of these tournaments differs in proportion, specific rules and other traits. You need to check on the precise championship requirements and recommendations and decide whether that really is the championship for you.

If you made a decision to participate in the re-buy tournament, you would usually play broadly and put larger bets with more confidence since you know that you can always buy more processors in ancient game stages. Since from the very first tournament stakes are low, you can probably even afford setting high stakes on less reassuring hands. You goal is to find a fantastic amount of chips to the later stages. Broadly , try to keep your pre-flop gaming notably relaxed your post-flop gambling just a little stricter.

Since you reach the center stages, the blinds will proceed up. It will set you back to stay in the match. Bearing this in mind, you should modify your plan and make an effort to secure the blind during instantaneous raising activity. You’re going to probably be risking more chips therefore you must be certain that you get a great blend of cards in your hand. For those who get a weak hand – fold instantly.

If you’re in the final stage – you’re in order. You may see another change in your match strategy as you get into the final stage. Here you should play aggressively in case you have a sufficient numbers of chips. You should play with a better match and telephone just when you’ve got a solid combination.

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